Reality Beyond Dreams is a team of impact producers that came into being in 2017. At the crux of every film we create and every campaign we design lies the fundamental principles of Social Impact Entertainment. Our mission is to craft cinematic masterpieces that foster thought-provoking conversations and drive action on social change. Our films are consciously perceived along the principles of change. Our work combines seamless storytelling, captivating visuals, and innovative designs, to question preconceptions and dismantle established biases. We take great pride in our thoughtfully crafted and well-executed projects that have generated a measurable impact on the audiences.


Reality Beyond Dreams fearlessly tackles real-world issues that truly matter. Amidst the noise of communication, we are focused on critical concerns such as climate change, human rights, gender disparity, sexual abuse, and other pressing concerns. 



At Reality Beyond Dreams, we harness the cutting-edge power of the latest technologies, including AI, to create relevant and impactful content. We embrace innovation as a driving force behind our work, leveraging the most advanced methods and techniques to deliver result-oriented projects to our clients. Through our seamless integration of technology and artistic vision, we create a transformative and unforgettable experience for our clients and viewers alike.

Our Servcies

What We Offer


Our documentaries are interactive fusion of investigative and inspiring narratives. These documentaries are specifically designed and researched in detail to create a measureable impact. Other than educating, informing, and investigating, we believe that documentaries possess a far greater potential: of changing societies. The subjects mostly feature from peripheries, and indigenous groups who are otherwise ignored in mainstream media. Led by intersectional feminist principles, RBD in past has touched upon some very sensitive topics, like child sexual abuse, and domestic violence.


We believe social media campaigns should do more than just advertise. They must build anticipation, engagement, and connection. Our entertaining, empowering, and well researched campaigns are always geared towards changing the world. From social media campaigns to digital events to virtual conferences RBD digital team has got you covered. With several accomplished global marketing campaigns and transglobal virtual events under its belt, RBD’s portfolio speaks for itself.

Narrative Films

Our fiction is a blend of dreams and reality, produced to move and entertain you in equal measure. Complimenting stories of everyday struggles and joys with ethereal cinematic visuals, we create stories that entertain, inspire, and educate. Based on social and cultural issues our fiction covers a range of themes from different segments of society. With our nonlinear plot lines and unorthodox characters, our films are different, and yet relatable. Our cinema is “Cinema of Change”.

Music Videos

RBD music videos are a treat for your eyes as much as they are for your ears. With an ear for the groove and an eye for aesthetics, our music videos are kaleidoscopes of cultural fusions. Telling heartfelt stories complimented with grooving beats that take your mind through an introspective journey. With our productions ranging across all musical styles, we love to cross over into various musical genres and come up with tune that play with senses.


Our research team uses a holistic 360-degree approach, from conceiving an idea to the follow ups on its impact. In our recent passion project about child sexual abuse, our team interviewed several of the inmates accused on the charges of sexual assault and murder. The sole purpose was to get an understanding of circumstances and events that led up to those moments of shear catastrophe. We rely on firsthand data collection and field visits for a better understanding of our subject. Using the right blend of different research tools, we always find the most effective and insightful combination for the the assigned project.


We create impact frame by frame, seamlessly blending trending art forms into a compelling narrative that encourages our audience to ponder and imagine a world beyond reality. Our diverse team of animation artists specializes in everything from motion graphics to 3D animations, all united by a shared dedication to the singular purpose of making a profound impact through their artistic expression. In every stroke of animation, we strive to awaken emotions and captivate minds. Our artists, fueled by creativity and passion, craft visual experiences that leaves a lasting impression.